Let's preserve those memories!

This is me

I’m Emily. Asada fries-lover, Colorado native, Florida-dweller, and JoAnna Gaines addict.

But first and foremost, I am a mom. This role provides me fulfillment and struggles all at the same time. Speaking of struggle ... I ride the introvert struggle bus every.single.day. I value great conversation and love spending time with other people, but there is a fine line between wonderful and overwhelming. My dream? To find a big piece of land, far away from the noise of the world, and build a beautiful house. With chickens. And fainting goats. And guest houses so I can welcome people into the quiet. Sometimes, we all just need a little space to breathe. I feel like photos give me that space. Photography takes me into a family’s home. It is an invitation onto sacred, intimate ground. My camera is the connection between relationship and observation and makes my little-introverted heart sing.

Do you need space too?
Do you want your sacred moments documented?

This Is My Family

A group of people, each a unique masterpiece.

These days, you can almost always find the four of us around the lego table building dinosaurs or coloring. Or you’ll find my kids, Sofia and Mateo, playing "Avengers" with dad. Which is basically just wrestling. But they love it! When we’re feeling adventurous, we explore city parks,
catch a movie, or hang out around the pool. I'm the mom that takes way too many pictures of
her kids, and I'm always begging my husband to let me book another photoshoot for us because "we need to document this stuff!” (Hint: you should totally book a photo shoot for your family because you really need to document this stuff!)

Lifestyle & Portrait Photography


"We all have a story to tell, whether we whisper or yell." - He Is We

As much as I love my children (and I really, really love them), this man is my why. It’s my job to raise kind humans, but they are going to be gone one day, living amazing lives outside of our home. But my husband? He’s here forever. And our relationship is my priority. I want our marriage to be an inspiration to my kids, not secondary. I always encourage my couples to get in front of my lens without the kiddos because their relationship existed before them and should thrive after them.

Lifestyle & Portrait Photography

Whatever season you are in I’m here ready to capture your story.

Emily did a couples photo shoot for my husband and me. She made both of us feel comfortable and totally got us out of our comfort zone. Emily also did a photo shoot of our 17-year-old daughter. She brought out her beautiful smile and made her laugh and feel totally comfortable. Emily doesn’t over-edit which I love about her work, and she does a great job with enhancing color and making her images aesthetically top notch. We love her work and would highly recommend her!