There's no better way to pass down your story

than with pictures that tell it.


This is me

A Wife, a Mother, a Friend, and a Photographer.

First and foremost I am a mom but will pretend to be the babysitter if my kids are acting out! When I get the chance to get out, I love to catch a movie with my hubby and eat way more than I should. I will always, always order fries if they are given as an option! Preferably Asada fries. I'm a hardcore introvert and struggle with that every day. I want to be surrounded by people often and always enjoy conversation, but too much of that overwhelms me. ( The struggle is real! ) My goal is to build a house, far away from the noise and with land big enough to build little guest houses and to raise fainting goats and chickens!

Let's create memories together + display this seasons story on your walls!

This Is My Family

A group of people, each a unique masterpiece.

You will almost always find us around the lego table building dinosaurs or coloring while watching any Avengers movie. Sofia and Mateo love when they get to play "Avengers" with dad. Which is basically just being spun around and thrown onto our bed lol! We love to explore city parks, catch the newest movies out and hang out around the pool. I'm the mom that takes way too many pictures of her kids, and I'm always begging my husband to let me book another photoshoot for us because "we need to document this stuff!" Please tell me you all are the same way??

This is my why
We all have a story to tell, whether we whisper or yell.
This man here is one of my biggest inspiration. He's a big reason I do what I do. You will spend the rest of your life with your partner, not your kids. So get out there together! Have fun, bring back those all those mushy feelings and create new ones together and often. Share that story with your kids. That's the one that's most important to them.

There's no better way to pass down your story
than with pictures that tell it.

Lifestyle & Portrait Photography

Let’s create magic together!

Emily did a couples photo shoot for my husband and me. She made both of us feel comfortable and totally got us out of our comfort zone. Emily also did a photo shoot of our 17-year-old daughter. She brought out her beautiful smile and made her laugh and feel totally comfortable. Emily doesn’t over-edit which I love about her work, and she does a great job with enhancing color and making her images aesthetically top notch. We love her work and would highly recommend her!